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The Blue Willow

A Pioneer


Fort Harmony

Fort Harmony fell with mother nature's wrath
in eighteen-sixty-two
Housing Folks among the sage and scrub oak
beneath our skies of blue.
Where the beauty of the Kolob Mountains
of Zion Park can be seen.
Look for Fort Harmony South of Cedar city
and North of Saint George it's in between

Harmony Valley is more than a sign you'll see on I-fifteen
It's a place of beauty where we are all free to dream.
There's no banks or bars or shopping malls in our scene.
Just a pleasant place to live where the air is clean.

So slow down and look around you'll be glad you do.
You'll find Fort Harmony is a short drive west
of exit forty-two.
But all the hand built adobe brick is withered
with the rain;
A forty-four day storm that brought
Fort Harmony misery and pain

Yes there is old Utah history near the farms to see
The remains of an old hand built sod brick place
called fort Harmony. behind our new Library
on I-fifteen's exit number forty-two--where I'm proud
to be living where all my neighbors do

By Dub Decker October 2010

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